Sunday, August 31, 2008

discouraged in vancouver

Though Vancouver has, for the most part, been good to me, my great plan of getting easy money bartending may have been entirely foolhardy. I can't seem to get a proper job in this city, in part due to the appalling lack of actual bars in this place. Sure, there are restaruants, and even cafes that have booze, but there are no actual, unpretentious, non-restaurant bars in the place. I find myself nostalgically pining for the good old days at Sharx, the incredibly sleazy pool hall where I could make $200 cocktail waitressing in one night. And I was damn good at that.

Here, I have three bar jobs: The wine bar, which is so unbearable that something like five servers have walked out, and I tried to quit last week but ended up staying because I have nothing else to fall back on! The army base, which is amazing, but not always open so I haven't been there in over a month, and finally, and most depressingly, catering, which is usually awesome and good money, but tonight was incredibly intense non-stop hard work very similar, i think, to working in a nightclub, which would have been awesome if we were getting tipped. Of the hundreds of drinks I served tonight, I made 15$, which was not enough to get me home in a cab. It cost me (not counting paycheque of course) $5 to do all this hard work. Brutal.

Hey guys, if anyone's actually reading this, let me know. I started updating again, but then I get lonely when no one ever comments and I feel like I'm venting into the void. Which means it could get weirder and weirder with no one to stop me. Oh god.


Sean said...

I'm reading it. Thought you would have posted about the mud wrestling. Really sorry to here about the shitty gigs. You should apply at some of the gin joints up main. Or Havana. Might make you happier pretty lady.

Anonymous said...

Alright, I'll comment, but this doesn't mean that should stop yourself from getting weirder.

Be strange, it's normal out there.

As for unpretentious bars... I smell a business opportunity.

But in the mean time, have you dropped off a CV at the Railway Club?

martin said...

yeah, i'm with chris... i was almost stopped from commenting by the nascent promise of weirdness to come... but then i felt that that was too much schadenfreude.

tossing this blog in my google reader.

martin said...

also, to echo what sean said, Main St. is waaaaaay full of alcoholic hipsters... bound to be plenty of wall holes there.

Gordon! said...

I'm also reading it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. J! Still reading your blog. Can't wait 'til I can call myself Dr. J! Ciao for now.