Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crocodiles, elephants, and a whale of a tale

I'm shocked and awed that my most recent article, also published on, has received over 37,000 views at last count. I've gotten so many personal messages about this article, and it's been an amazing help in my own pile on the floor to know that others are going through it, right now, all the time, and that of course we can do this. We are so strong and capable and amazing and we can get up on our fear and ride it like a crocodile into the river.

I'd love for you to read it here.

Meantime, I'm laid up at home a little longer, having been hit by a car and hurt my knee, to add injury to insult (it's been a tough month.)

I miss you folks, and I'd love to see you this Saturday at Highgate YYOGA in Burnaby BC to learn about Yin Yoga and the Poetry of the Body. We'll be going deep into a physical meditation to learn about the stories we've been hlding onto in our bodies and how we can start to tease them out and create space to tell newer, more interesting, juicier stories about our lives and our bodies. Bring a journal!

See you soon lovelies!

peace, love and unicorns,


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