Monday, September 11, 2006

'Facebooking': the most sinister intercommunication device since 'texting'

So there has been lots of buzz about the new settings of this psycho website, The Facebook. There's now this thing called a 'news feed' that tells everyone who logs in which parties people are invited to, whose wall they wrote on, and the exact moment at which their relationship status switched from 'in a relationship' to 'single.' On these particularly momentous incidences, a little broken heart emoticon shows up beside the message.

In the first place, the Facebook is already a website where people can stalk their ex-boyfriends and see pictures of their new girlfriends, who they will then show to their friends to be mercilessly judged. It's also a great place for 'facebooking,' the newest trend in flirting since 'texting' came along. I thought at first it was kind of silly for people to be getting upset about this stuff since everyone seems to want to be all up in everyone else's business anyway.

Then, however, i logged in to a message from the facebook: "five of your friends are attending this party, hosted by your friend. If you would like an invite, ask her." Hey, facebook, stop being such a jerk. I don't care that I wasn't invited to a party all my other friends were invited to. I'm not going to ASK for an invite. Then i proceeded to obsess about it and gossip about it with my roomate for a grand total of 2 minutes before i started to realize I had regressed back into grade 9.

Though the facebook is great for things like looking up friends whose contact info you lost, posting the website to your new blog (ahem) and looking really cool because you have 25 photo albums to share, I'm thinking i may need to leave this little high-school instrument of pain in the archives of my personal cyberspace and un-bookmark it.

The question remains: can I tear myself away from the high-school antics of 'facebooking'? Maybe i'll just go check it out now before I start my work...

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