Friday, December 22, 2006


Dear Blog:

it's certainly been a while. My brain has been a bit full to brimming lately so i haven't really been in 'reflective' (read: blog) mode.

I have been in Vancouver since Dec. 1, but it feels like about 5 minutes. I've been struggling to write entries on various Canadian writers for RObert Lecker's forthcoming anthology of Canadian literature. A very exciting and interesting job--but it's HARD! I finally sent in something he liked today--my-what...fifth? try. Rohinton Mistry.

I've also fallen in love twice in the process. John Steffler blew my mind--I actually started to cry in the library reading from his That Night We Were Ravenous. Incredible, gorgeous ecopoetry. In the same vein, the incredible Di Brandt has reinforced for me the truth that poetry is revolutionary. She was one of the first Mennonites to speak publicly about the abuse she faced as a woman and as a child in her community. She's also a feminist, a mother, and an eco-poet who gets me all riled up. i LOVE her.

I've also been with Cheyne almost 24/7, which has certainly had its ups and downs. Mostly really high ups and a couple of plateaux, not much in the way of downs. He's going to meet everyone and my city in a couple of weeks.

I miss everyone terribly--I forget how much I need Alistunalie. It's the best entity ever, and I can't wait to get back into the warm fuzzy glow of 239.

Don't forget: It's global orgasm day. have an orgasm and think about peace.

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