Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Canadian erotica on the radio: good way to start a day

Oh Blog, again, it's been a terribly long time. I have to admit, updating my blog is not my highest priority. But I'm just at the tail end of a giant-all-consuming, soul-sucking project, so it's time to move on to bigger and better things. Like my hair! Literally--I just got it cut, and it got BIG.

In other news you might actually be interested in, it is currently 6am, and I am drinking tea before heading over to CKUT for the Wednesday Morning After show. Today's show is special for a ocuple of reasons: I will be teching and hosting the whole thing, firstly, which means I hold control over the airwaves! There is a little mystery in today's show, and I might play an interview from the Real News network (which is excellent, and everyone should check it out:

But also, it is Valentine's day, that most dreaded of holidays, and in celebration of love, I have decided to read some of the sexiest love scenes in Canadian lit. This will include the Danish Vibrator scene from Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers, in which a vibrator comes to life and starts fucking everyone uncontrollably. It's hilarious, and also terrifying.

I'm assuming you all missed it (jerks), so you can donwload it at under programming and archives: click on the Wednesday Morning After audio button and listen to the second hour.

Happy v-day, try not to drown yourselves in fruity cocktails.

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iron thunder said...

there's such a thing as sexy canadian literature?? har har..