Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm tired.

Darling blog,

It's been an embarrassingly long time, I know. Things change so quickly around here I can barely keep track myself.

I recently was asked by someone I had just met what I do. What a wonderful question! I thought, and proceeded to list off the things I've done since I've been here:

1. Bartending at wine bar
2. Bartending at army base
3. Bartending at filipino weddings, wasp weddings, loft parties at the warehouse where they keep all the movie set props and furniture, etc.
4. Life modeling
5. Writing bar reviews
6. Writing book reviews
7. Writing job application after job application
8. (pending) reception at a yoga studio in Burnaby
9. Poetry slam, women's slam, erotic zine launch, etc. performances
10. Radio interviews and a demo for a radio show (come ON CITR it's been long enough already)

I think that is enough for a couple of years of work. I'm getting so tired. And not really any closer to knowing what the hell I want to do with my life. I'm trying to quell the quarterlife panic and go with the flow here. Let's hope I'm learning things. And avoiding boredom at all costs.

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