Thursday, January 15, 2009

wax poetic

Hey all,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a guest on RC Weslowski, SR Duncan, and Diane Laloge's poetry show on CFRO 102.1, COOP radio. It was really wonderful for me to get to read some of my poetry on the air and be able to talk about it too, in terms of my influences, theories about what poetry is and means, and even some of the gnarly gender stuff i've been dealing with lately. I have this chunk of archive here, so you can just scroll to about halfway through and hear the interview. I'll make it into an mp3 somehow soon, but in the meantime:


Paul said...

Hey Julie, do you know if Wax Poetic keeps archives of their shows anywhere? I have been trying to find them for some time now. Thanks

Julie Peters said...

Yeah, CFRO keeps an archive of all their stuff, you just have to go back and pick the specific time when the show was on. It's pretty raw, but if you really want to find something, you just need to know specifically when it aired.